Aamer Khan – the trio

Photo: PWA-Photography
From left to right: Brian Hansen (Bass, Backing Vocals), Aamer Khan (Vocals, Guitars), Thomas Klintøe (Drums). Photo by PWA-Photography

I love playing rock music ! And if you want to go rock a crowd, you need a great band.

My current band lineup is a trio consisting of myself on vocals & guitars, Brian Hansen on bass & backing vocals and Thomas Klintøe on drums.

You may have seen Brian perform with his very popular doom metal band Saturnus. 🙂

Aamer Khan – Solo

I enjoy playing solo.

For most people that means going out with just a mic and an acoustic guitar and I have done that in the past. However, I expect more solo shows to be done with an electric guitar because I like the added sonic flexibility.

Most solo shows will be me performing my own songs but I may add some songs written by musicians who have inspired me.