I love playing around with musical instruments, amplifiers, guitar pedals and recording gear. I am a gearfreak. I love everything that has a connection to guitars, especially when we’re talking about electric guitars.

These are my current favourites among my stash of gear:

Fender ”Partscaster”

For the last 10 years or so I have gained a lot of experience modding my own guitars. I even built one myself.

This time I wanted something I could design myself but with better parts so I ordered some parts from various sources and assembled this cool-looking strat-type guitar.

First we have a maple Fender Eric Johnson neck with a maple fingerboard and the original Fender staggered tuning heads. It has 21 frets and is quite big and bulky which is great for me as I have big hands.

Then we have an alder Fender Jeff Beck body. It’s quite light and is rounded at the heel to give you a better access to the highest frets.

I have tried quite a few pickup combinations in this guitar and most were great. But the layout has always been one humbucker at the bridge and one single coil pickup at the neck, a threeway switch and one volume control. That’s it.

Current pickups are from Seymour Duncan – a Pearly Gates humbucker and a SSL-2 single coil.

The bridge is a standard two-point Fender tremolo. I haven’t used the tremolo-bar on this guitar.

Greer Lightspeed overdrive

This has been my favourite boost/overdrive pedal for a while. It is very transparent and doesn’t have a lot of gain but it just sits right with me. I turn the gain almost all the way up, have the volume at around 10-11 o’clock and have the tone at around 11-12 o’clock.

Pettyjohn Iron overdrive

This used to be my number one overdrive pedal and core sound until the Greer came along. They sound different but work together beautifully for me. I can use them alone for different flavours or stack them for added distortion.

The pedal has more gain than the Greer and colors your tone more but when the colours are so beautiful it is all good!

Ibanez Mini Tube Screamer

What can I say – don’t we all need one TS in our arsenal? One of the most famous pedals ever made the Ibanez Tube Screamer has a certain oomph in the midrange that just cuts through the mix when you need that lead tone or a bit more muscle. It can be a strange beast and it doesn’t work well with all amps but have one in your gigbag in case you’re playing something like a backline Fender amp.

I use it with my Laney amp and it sounds great. Maybe not the most flexible one or the best but great nonetheless. Other Tube Screamers, even clones, can be great, too. The best thing about this one is that it doesn’t take up much space on your pedalboard.

Boss DM-2 Wazacraft edition analog delay

This is my favourite analog pedal ever. Simple to work with a beautiful warm sound.

One day I decided I had found another pedal to take its place so I sold my DM-2. Less than a week later I bought a new one because I missed it so much. I need this on my board.

Providence Anadime chorus

I need some modulation once in a while and this chorus pedal is warm and lush. It can sound like a vibrato if you want and I usually keep it on low settings for just that bit of wave and variation.

I got a nice deal on some Providence pedals through a dealer friend of mine. All sounded good as most boutique pedals do today but unlike the others the Anadime has survived my obsession of always having to get new gear. This is a great chorus pedal.

Laney GH30R tube amp

I have always liked Laney stuff. I have owned quite a few Laney amps over the years. Two VC-15s, two VC-30s and an old Pro tube combo in the 80s.

One day I saw an ad for the new GH-series and thought I should check it out. I didn’t really like the Youtube clips showing its potential but decided to get one anyway. And it sounds great!

I dig the size, the handles on the sides, the layout of the frontpanel and the digital reverb is good and quite mild. I put some new tubes in it. Right now it has Tungsol preamp tubes and JJ power tubes.

In March 2020 this 1×12 tube combo was used in the studio in collaboration with a Vox AC30 head with a 2×12 Framus cab to record all rhythm tracks on the new EP.

Two Notes Torpedo Captor reactive loadbox

I used to have a Suhr Reactive Load which was great. I sold that box after recording my first album on which it was used for all guitar tracks because I knew that this technology was new and something else would come around. I ended up buying a new one (and selling that one, too) as technology apparently doesn’t work fast enough for me. 🙂

I ended up with the Torpedo Captor – the 8 ohm version. And it was great, too. I am sure things sound a bit different with this box but I don’t know for sure. But it was used with a Mooer Radar with an Ownhammer Impulse Response to record my second album, Rounded, and I really like the guitar sound on that album!

Again, I sold that one but later decided to buy a new one second-hand. Twice. 🙂

The last one I got I still use together with my GFI speaker simulator. Apparently it works for me and gives me the results I want.

GFI Cabzeus Mono speaker simulator

I embrace new techonology, especially when it comes to recording gear.

On my first two albums I used Impulse Response files in collaboration with Reactive loadboxes such as the Suhr Reactive Load (first album) and Two Notes Torpedo Captor (ever since).

While I used a software plugin to load IRs on the first album I decided to load a Mooer Radar pedal with an IR for Rounded in 2018. It sounded great. I also think I need to escape option anxiety and just commit to a sound instead of having endless possibilities after recording a part.

After trying out a Neunaber Iconoclast speaker simulator I thought that maybe you don’t need IRs to get close to that mic-on-speaker sound. It worked out well but again, I don’t like too many options. Then came along the GFI Cabzeus Mono and it has convinced me that algorithm-based speaker simulators can sound great and be easy to use. So this is my go-to speaker simulator now!

There are some of my favourites today but I buy gear all the time so new stuff will appear here from time to time.

If you have questions about my use of the items listed above or if you’re a gear manufactorer and would like to send me stuff to try out, please get in contact with me. 🙂