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Some information about me

Music is a big part of my life. I listen to music frequently. I go to concerts frequently. And I play guitar all the time. Some times music makes you happy, some times it makes you sad. Some times you feel nothing. But it’s there and you always sense and feel it in some way.

Did I mention that I play guitar a lot? And sing and write songs? You can listen to some of them if you look to the right.

If you haven’t guessed by now I do love the sound of stringed instruments such as guitars. Acoustic, electric, dobro, resonators. But I dig stringed instruments from Asia, the middle east, balkan countries and other parts of the world, too. I may not know what they’re called but I usually think they’re cool.

What else can I say? Well, on to some personal stuff so you know where I’m “coming from”.

I live in Frederiksberg, a neighbourhood bordering up to downtown Copenhagen, in the Nordic state of Denmark. Yes, in Europe. If you’ve visited Copenhagen you’ve probably been in the area.

I am currently 49 years of age. I have a beautiful girlfriend who I’ve known for almost 8 years. We have no children but we have many amazing friends. I have a lovely brother, too.

I am not really interested in politics. However, it would be nice if we all just stepped on the brake and stopped killing each other. Be kind. Be tolerant. Be understanding. Do good work. Help people out. Yes, I may be a bit naive but this is the way I try to live my life.

I am not really interested in religion, either. Despite my name I am not a muslim. My dad was a muslim and he was a kind and loving human being. People who met him will agree. My mother was a protestant and I went to catholic school. So I grew up in a christian world which was nice and safe. My mother and stepdad – yes, she remarried – were kind and sweet people, too. Personally, I would describe myself as being agnostic. No, I am not an atheist. If you are convinced the two words mean the same then please Google it. Basically I just think that we all have to make up our own mind about how to live our own lives and then live respectfully together.

I love to cook and eat. I really like beer and wine. I go to the movies. I watch movies and series at home. I loved Mad Men, 6 Feet Under and House Of Cards. And I love to travel. You and I may have met in places such as London, New York, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Lisbon, Vienna, Valparaiso, Berlin or Tokyo.

Have fun. Be safe.